November 15, 2008

Christianism begins to learn from Islamism

The idiot Christianist Stephen Green is at it again, trying to stifle other people's freedom of speech because his invisible friend is an insecure prick. At least in this case it hasn't been pulped and the book in question (Darkness is Where the Stars are) can still be bought from amazon or W H Smith or Waterstones if you don't mind the fact that they folded to this religious maniac. Green also appears to be getting more willing to incite violence saying about another artwork he disliked:
"On the other hand, there were those at the Baltic Centre who wanted to take matters into their own hands and I have warned Anita Zabludowicz that her statue will not survive being put on public display again.

"If the CPS wanted to give the green light to blasphemous art their decision may paradoxically have the opposite effect. With the threat of destruction hanging over it, the Zabludowicz statue is now locked away by its wealthy owners and is unlikely to see the light of day again.

"The same will go for any other blasphemous works of so-called art. Put simply, Christians won't tolerate insults to Jesus Christ."
He must have noticed how well religious violence works as a way of enforcing deference to violent religions.


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